Sex & Gender Specific Health

Our educational materials are designed to be of interest to both practicing clinicians and healthcare students alike. Consumers may also benefit from the cutting-edge sex and gender research found on the site. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to provide these materials at no cost in order to further the message that differences matter.

For Consumers

For Providers


What does Sex and Gender Specific Health mean to me?

Did you know that women are more likely to have atypical symptoms of heart attacks and strokes than men? This is just one of the ways that men and women are different when it comes to our health. Taking into account these differences, we, as patients and consumers, can no longer accept the "one size fits all" model of modern medicine and we must demand more personalized medicine.

The Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health is committed to raising the awareness of Sex and Gender Specific Health and the differences between men and women. Through our 3-part mission, we support: Scientific Investigation to focus on Women's Health and Sex & Gender Differences ensuring discoveries benefit the entire population, not just half; Education to ensure all health professionals consider each patient's uniqueness, while taking into consideration how Sex & Gender impact health and wellness; and Community Impact to educate the public, empowering us to take charge of our health.

Sex & Gender Specific Health

What Can I Do?

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Check out the disease/condition specific informational videos on the Sex and Gender Specific Health website: SGSH Video Library ( Attend our local Women's Health Symposiums in your community. These free events feature experts from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and other local health organizations who present the latest in Sex and Gender Specific Health to a lay audience. Check our Upcoming Events to see when the next seminar will be in your town.


For Providers

In order to bring more personalized medicine to every patient, the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health is committed to educating both current and future healthcare practitioners about the role of sex and gender in medicine. To further that goal, we have created the Sex and Gender Specific Health education site to translate this science into practice.

Our site includes:

  • A full categorized library of disease specific slide sets highlighting sex and gender differences, downloadable for lectures and presentations
  • Interactive case-based modules for use in traditional or flipped classrooms settings
  • Micro Modules that offer a quick overview of the sex and gender differences in specific disease states/conditions.
  • IPE cases and videos for individual or group use
  • Brief videos on specific medical conditions that highlight the medical differences between men and women
Sex & Gender Specific Health