Executive Director's Message

Welcome to the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Explore these pages, and you'll be inspired by the efforts of professionals and volunteers across this great state. Read about programs and women's health screening that could impact your life or the life of someone you love.

The Institute was founded in 2007 to promote research specific to women's health, to provide advanced education to health care professionals and to enrich the lives of women and girls through community programs and health screening.

The Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health is growing each year and reaching more girls and women with empowering messages and real solutions. Programs that began in Amarillo, Lubbock and San Angelo are spreading across the state to Midland, Corpus Christi, Dallas and Fort Worth.

Our National Advisory Board, including Mrs. Laura Bush, meets twice each year to discuss the Institute's progress, share the unique needs of each community and bring new ideas for research, education and community service.

Please join us by attending events, volunteering, becoming a research partner or by supporting the mission to make the lives of girls and women healthier and more fulfilling. I look forward to meeting you!

Warmest regards,
Connie Tyne
Executive Director

Connie Tyne

National Advisory Board

The National Advisory board is a group of community leaders across Texas who share a passion for improving women's health. The members come from varied backgrounds and advise the Executive Director on ways to advance and enhance the Institute's mission and programs while serving as ambassadors for the Institute.

National Advisory Board


Back Row:

Connie Tyne, Elizabeth Webb, Lisa Troutt, Maggie Murchison, Laura Street, Larry Gill, Nancy Neal, Norman Dozier, MD, Christy McClendon, Marjorie Jenkins, MD, Elisa Brown, MD, Janet Tornelli-Mitchell, MD, and Margaret Purvis

Front Row:

Meredith Land, Diane Scovell, Lee Ann White, Lana Andrews, Nancy Weiss, Jeanne Tower Cox, Laura Bush, Jan Rees-Jones, Kit Moncrief, Liz Bates, Donna Williams, Lea Wright, and Debbie Francis

Not Pictured:

Andi Ball, Terri Duncan, Susie Hance, Gloria Hicks, Betsy Sowell, Diana Strauss, and Bitsy Stone

Abilene, Texas

  • Pearl Merritt, Ed.D., M.S., MSN, FAAN, regional director
  • Lisa Chavez
  • Mishawn Childers
  • Julie Denny
  • Joy Ellinger
  • Mary Gill
  • Shea Hall
  • Sue McWilliams
  • Kaye Price-Hawkins
  • Katherine Rinard, M.D.
  • Sara Trammell, M.D.

Amarillo, Texas

  • Angela Knapp Eggers, regional director
  • Estelle Archer
  • Denise Blanchard
  • Toni Cline
  • Meaghan Collier
  • Cindy Cunningham
  • Jill Dana
  • Beth Duke
  • Ana Estevez
  • Amy Henderson
  • Toni Knapp
  • Danna Krause
  • Farrar Mansfield
  • Becky McKinley
  • Julie Mitchell
  • Helen Piehl
  • Julie Puckett
  • Louise Rahll
  • Vicky Richmond
  • Carolyn Sherrod
  • *Laura Street
  • Briar Wilcox
  • Nancy Williams
  • *Lea Wright

Lubbock, Texas

  • Betsy Jones, Ed.D., regional director
  • Kendra Burris
  • Linda Greenstreet
  • Heather Hocker
  • Liane Locke
  • *Christy McClendon
  • Heather McDonald
  • *Janet Mitchell
  • Cyndy Morris
  • *Nancy Neal
  • Cathy Porter
  • Maggie Ryan
  • Andrea Tirey
  • *Nancy Weiss
  • Karen Worley

San Angelo, Texas

  • Susan Wilkerson, Ph.D., regional director
  • *Liz Bates
  • Penni Cambre, M.D.
  • Dinah Cummings, Ph.D.
  • Kayla Davidson
  • Crystin Darby
  • Val Frank
  • Suzan Gargan
  • Mary Noel Golder
  • Miranda Houser
  • Shannon Hunicutt
  • Kendal Jastrow
  • Brady Johnson
  • Codi Kingman, M.D.
  • Flor Madero
  • Jackie Martin
  • Cindy McCammon
  • Genevieve Mejia, M.D.
  • Carolyn McEnrue-Ridge
  • Jordy Moorman
  • Sheryl Pfluger
  • Katie Probandt
  • Berkeley Puckitt
  • Jaime Rainey
  • Kam Stribling
  • Judge Barbara Walther
  • Sheila Velarde
  • Will Welch
  • Marylee Wittenburg

San Angelo Executive Board

  • Susan Wilkerson, Ph.D., executive board chair
  • Jeremy Riney
  • Steve Ewing
  • Leslie Mayrand, Ph.D.
  • Sheryl Pfluger
  • Patty Gardner
  • Clifton T. Jones, Ph.D.
  • Ann West ex officio

San Angelo Medical Board

  • Susan Wilkerson, Ph.D., medical advisory board chair
  • Michael Blanc, M.D.
  • Rosalinda Carrizales, D.O.
  • Penni Camber, M.D.
  • Duncan Fischer, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Deborah Hajovsky, M.D.
  • Charles Harzke, M.D.
  • Clyde Henke, M.D.
  • Sharon Kulig, Ph.D.
  • Bryan Mejia, M.D.
  • Genevieve Mejia, M.D.
  • Shelly Weise, Ed.D., PT

*Serves as a National Advisory Board Member

We are currently searching for a new Chief Science Officer