Scientific Investigation

We have devoted more than $2 million to ground-breaking research unique to women's health because differences matter.

researchers in labThank you for your interest in the research grant program from the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health. Our funding priorities are Translational, Clinical and Population-based Research that aligns with the mission of the Institute:

to facilitate collaborative development of research in a wide range of concerns that affect women’s health

to advance knowledge of gender-specific women’s health issues where there is little or no published data on females

to promote personalized medicine through sex and gender research that reduces health-related gender differences and disparities

Types of funding available:

  1. Seed grants up to $25,000: These grants should be multi-campus and/or interdisciplinary in nature with a clear goal whose results will contribute to potential extramural research funding or contribute to innovations in sex and gender education. The program supports clinical or basic sciences faculty or teams that are developing pilot or preliminary studies. Suitable projects include clinical or health services studies as well as those that use animal, theoretical or laboratory models. If there is an open external RFA which pertains to the work, it should be included as an appendix with the grant proposal.
  2. Small grant funding $ 5,000 - $10,000: This program provides funding, research support and other resources to assist clinical faculty with career interests in women’s health/gender-specific scholarship, and whose efforts can serve as the core of our continuing research focus.├é┬áSuitable projects include patient-oriented research, as well as epidemiological, behavioral or health services studies; pilot data, educational program development or survey studies.

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