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Laura W. BushThe Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health was established to create a new approach to women's health care. Working through a collaborative multidisciplinary network, amazing discoveries will be made. Knowledge gained will propagate further research and educational programs to benefit communities, patients and health care providers.

Modern day research proves that some diseases react differently in men and women, which challenges health care professionals to design special approaches to providing women's health information, disease diagnosis and treatment. The Institute is committed to developing institution-wide infrastructure to benefit women's health, which is a global issue spanning disciplines, communities, gender and ethnicity. There is now an Office of Women's Health within the Department of Health and Human Services.

About Us

Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health was established within the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in August 2007 and thus began the effort to establish a multi-campus women's health institute in Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock, San Angelo and the Permian Basin. This expansion brought the convergence of expertise, resources and support from Angelo State University and TTUHSC including:

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