Professional Education

four womenAll health professionals, such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists strive to provide the best possible care. In order to achieve this we must educate current and future health providers to consider each patient's uniqueness and that means first and foremost taking into consideration how sex and gender impact health and wellness.

Online Continuing Medical Education and Certificate Program

LWBIWH's "Y Does X Make a Difference?" currently has one completed module and two modules in various stages of production for web-based availability. Course participants who complete the NIH CME hours will get credit toward the LWBIWH Certificate of Advanced Training in Sex and Gender-Based Medicine. Our certificate program is the first of its kind for practicing physicians and nurses. Currently our expert faculty members hail from Brown University, John's Hopkins, University of Kansas and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (Lubbock and Amarillo). Jenkins spoke with Janine Clayton M.D., Director of the National Institutes of Health Office of Research on Women's Health and they agreed that the LWBIWH will link to the NIH CME program Sex and Biology. To access the CME models please visit A list of current modules is below:


“Y” Does “X” Make a Difference? Introduction to Sex and Gender in Healthcare

Sex, Gender, and Diabetes"Y" Does "X" Make a Difference

Sex and Gender in a Medical Emergency: "Y" Does "X" Make a Difference

Influenza: "Y" Does "X" Make a Difference

The Rising Tide of Clinical Depression : "Y" Does "X" Make a Difference

"Y" Does "X" Make a Difference: An Ethical Reflection

From the Bench to the Bedside: "Y" Does "X" Make a Difference

Lipid Disorders in Women: "Y" Does "X" Make a Difference

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: "Y" Does "X" Make a Difference

Acute Coronary Syndromes: Y Does X Make a Difference?

Female Sexual Dysfunction: Y Does X Make a Difference

Chemoprevention of Breast Cancer

Cognitive Function and Alzheimer's Disease

National Collaboration

Marjorie Jenkins M.D. serves as an external consultant and workshop planning committee for the Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN International Workshop Embedding Sex and Gender into Medical Education. Jenkins has presented "Evaluating the Gaps in Sex and Gender Medicine and the Need to Fill Them" and co-facilitated a workshop with Ana Nunez M.D. of Drexel University on curriculum integration models and institutional level of readiness. Attendees included the Director of NIH Office Research in Women's Health, the Director of Health Services Research Administration, the Canadian Director of Health and representatives from thirteen U.S. medical schools and Puerto Rico.

Research and Education Symposium

The LWBIWH led the development and planning of TTUHSC's first Gender-Specific Women's Health Symposium. With support from the Offices of Provost Steven Berk and President Tedd L. Mitchell, we welcomed more than 100 faculty and students to the Merket Alumni Center in Lubbock. The event highlighted research and education in the areas of women's health and sex and gender differences. In addition to presentations from TTUHSC faculty, participants had the opportunity to attend skill-building workshops in utilization of public databases to achieve publication, integration of sex and gender into research and integration of sex and gender evidence into established curricula.

Interprofessional Training

The Amarillo LWBIWH has developed a live forum including three professionals, a doctor, pharmacist and physical therapist. These expert faculty members will utilize a real-time patient simulation to guide attendees through a 1.5 hour teaching exercise on Osteoporosis: It's Not Just a Woman's Disease. Attendees include nursing, pharmacy, medicine and allied health professionals from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center as well as community health providers.

Curriculum Development

LWBIWH is now facilitating the development of sex and gender-based medicine curricula in the TTUHSC Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing. TTTUHSC and LWBIWH are recognized nationally and internationally for our expertise in health care professional curriculum. To date the Institute has contributed more than $200,000 to curricular development.

The Sex and Gender Women's Health Collaborative is the first and only centralized web-site repository for sex and gender research and educational materials. Dr. Jenkins is a founding member of the executive and planning committee for this initiative.

The LWBIWH is leading the effort to create the first Sex and Gender-Based Medicine clinical case textbook for students. Jenkins is the lead editor. Other editors include Lynn Schuster M.D. of the Mayo Clinic, April Ronco Ph.D., of Wakeforest and Alyson McGregor M.D. of Brown University.

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