Chief Scientific Officer

Laura Street, RNC-E, MSNDr. Jenkins served as Founding Director of the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health Instutue from 2007-2012. In 2012 she assumed the role of regional director and Chief Science Officer of the Institute. In this role she oversees strategic planning and implementation of programs that fulfill the Institutes research and educational mission such as the Institute’s institution-wide seed grant programs, continuing medical education (CME) series and curriculum development. Clinically she continues to provide specialty patient consultations and work with healthcare organizations to create consumer communication to better engage patients.

Since joining Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) in 2001 Dr. Jenkins has been an avid academic and program innovator. A major focus of her work is the cultivation of multidisciplinary research and education efforts in sex and gender-based medicine (SGBM). In this capacity she serves as the director of the TTUHSC SGBM curriculum program and co-Chair of the President's Task Force on Sex-and gender-based medicine. The SGSH curriculum model includes the use of interprofessional teams to create educational produces in order to weave a SGHS curricular thread throughout students' basic sciences and clinical experience. The SGSH curriculum project is active within Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health. Dr. Jenkins is also the thought-leader and program director for a one-of-a-kind web-based SGBM continuing medical education certificate program, Y Does X Make a Difference. Dr. Jenkins translational research work is in the area of cancer immunotherapy where she works with an NIH-funded team to incorporate sex differences into the cancer immunotherapy platform.

She has served nationally in a variety of positions, such as a co-chair for the Reproduction Workgroup of NASA's Decadal Review of Sex and Gender Research, a current member of the Women's Health Writing Group of the National Board of Medical Examiners, and HRSA and NIH panel advisories. By invitation, she has delivered more than 100 presentations to professional and public audiences and co-authored numerous works in both the scientific and public arena. Released in 2014, Dr. Jenkins co-authored a consumer book, Eat Like A Woman, based on the sex and gender differences in diet and nutrition.

Dr. Jenkins CV